A charming tree-lined square in the heart of Paris, far from the beaten track. This is where the Edgar restaurant deploys its terrace. Sheltered from the hustle and bustle of Paris, take a seat in this former garment factory in 1960s tones, with its warm atmosphere and undeniable charm.

According to the arrivals, the Chef Serge Leignel proposes you refined dishes with precise and varied cooking. An ode to iodine with oysters, grilled octopus or fish from sustainable fisheries.Some carnivorous suggestions come to comfort those who would not have the sea legs. Mezzes and a famous vegetarian suggestion put seasonal vegetables in the spotlight for green taste buds.

On Sundays, the neighborhood becomes pedestrian. Scooters and bicycles take over the square, which becomes the privileged place for a quiet breakfast, a fish & chips or a brunch with friends, family or lovers.


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